Friday, June 19, 2009

An Unexpected Turn Of Events...

Here are 2 interesting experiences that show how God can turn things around in favor of those who trust in him, and who continue to put their spiritual priorities ahead of financial ones:

This is the case of 2 Witnesses who worked for AT&T and were unfairly fired due to religious discrimination when their requests to take time off in order to attend all 3 days of the convention was denied. (despite the fact that their employer was well aware of their religious beliefs since they took time off every year to attend.) But imagine how easy it would have been to let fear of losing their jobs cause them to cave into the pressure, instead of standing firm for their beliefs by refusing to miss the convention. They must have had alot of worries on their mind about how things would turn out...But look what happened:

and here's an even more unusual turn of events that happened to the brothers in Russia (taken from pgs 195 & 196 of the 2008 Yearbook):

"In the 1970's in Bratsk, Irkutsk Oblast, the Communist party bureau of the local timber processing plant made a decision to fire all its employees who were Jehovah's Witnesses. The brothers were told: "Since you don't like Soviet authority, it won't take care of you. Since you do like Jehovah, let him take care of you." The brothers who had been fired decided that the best thing to do would be to preach openly, so they began to go from door to door. At one door opened by a woman, the brothers introduced themselves and briefly explained the purpose of their visit. From the kitchen came a male voice: "Whom are you talking to? Let them come into the house." When the brothers entered the house, the man asked: "Why aren't you at work? It is a workday." The brothers explained how they came to be out of work.
It turned out that the man was a public prosecutor who had come home for lunch. Indignant, he went to the phone and inquired of the plant whether it was true that the bureau had fired all of Jehovah's Witnesses. After receiving an affirmative answer, the prosecutor continued: "On what basis? Don't you understand that you have broken the law? You had no right to do this! I order you to give all the Witnesses back their jobs and to pay them compensation for the three months during which they could not work because of your decision." The prosecutor put down the receiver and turned to the brothers, saying, "Tomorrow, go back to your jobs, and continue working there."

(isn't that great? I love that one)

also, here's a clip from the documentary shown on PBS, which discusses the amount of times we had to take cases to the Supreme Court in order to uphold religious freedom, (which ended up establishing legal rights for other groups in America as well)