Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speaking of teaching people the truth...

its pretty cool that short little videos like these can teach Bible truths in a matter of minutes. Especially since people in lands hard to reach in person, many times have internet access. When I was in Costa Rica, I noticed that even when it was hard to find a telephone there seemed to be internet cafe's everywhere.

Plus I was also thinking about how people tend to trust those of their own nationality or family more than a stranger right? Well at the district convention they said that one of the brothers who was baptized -his father flew 22 hours in from Iraq or Iran (I cant remember which one now) but that he loved the program and took back a whole bunch of literature with him. Someone like him would probably have alot more influence in his native country reaching others with the truth because they would trust him more than an American. You can see the potential for "speeding things up"