Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sower and the Reaper

Ok this video totally made me cry...
WE HAVE A DUTY ...especially now that I know so much more than I did previously, about all the hardships and persecution our brothers & sisters endured for so many years ... some of which we had no clue was going on. Did you know that even on Wikipedia it says we are the most persecuted religion? Here's a quote from it: "Viewed globally, this persecution has been so persistent and of such an intensity that it would not be inaccurate to regard Jehovah's witnesses as the most persecuted religion of the twentieth century."

(I couldn't post the Wikipedia link for some reason, but here's a similar article from another site)...
Persecution of JW's

This might disturb you but I have to mention 2 other experiences given about the persecution of our brothers in Cuba during the 80's. Some of them were kept in cisterns full of human excrement up to their necks, for days. One brother was placed inside of a narrow, barbed-wire cage (with only enough room to stand, so that he would tear his flesh whenever he tried to sleep or leaned against the barbed wire) And thats not all...this cage was placed on top of a hot metal roof, with the sun beating down on him, and he was stripped naked so that the huge Cuban mosquitos would bite him. I can barely handle KNOWING about this, let alone going thru it.

So in comparison with what so many of our brothers have had to deal with in order to get the message out, our job is so easy. It reminds me of what Jesus said at John 4:37, 38: "One is the sower and another the reaper. I dispatched YOU to reap what YOU have spent no labor on. Others have labored, and YOU have entered into the benefit of their labor."

All of the really labor-intensive, hard work was already done for us...and we have the assignment of gathering and reaping the harvest which all those others already toiled & labored on ahead of us. So lets all remember to keep that in mind anytime we think we don't feel 'up to' going out in the ministry.