Monday, June 15, 2009

saved from a tornado

In case any of you haven't read the experience that happened to the congregation in Mena, Arkansas on the night of the Memorial when a bad tornado hit the area, here is a brief summary of events on that Thursday night...

The brothers had just got done passing the bread, and were getting ready to pass the wine, when a brother who had been watching the weather whispered to one of the passers that there was a tornado headed their way. Right after that the lights went out, and they heard a deafening noise. Then it got quiet and the emergency lights came on. What else could they do? They had no shelter to go to, so the brother delivering the talk went on reading the scripture and then said a prayer over the wine. They used flashlights to finish passing the emblems and tried to continue on with the Memorial. During the conclusion, an unbelieving husband of one of the sisters in the congregation came running in and yelled out his wife's name and then said, "Your meeting saved our lives. If we had been home, we would have all been dead." -His life was saved because when he saw that the tornado was headed for Mena, he left to go get his wife at the Kingdom Hall and ended up witnessing the tornado hitting his house from a safe distance. (though the house was still standing, it had been moved 20 feet off its foundation and everything inside was destroyed.)
After the meeting one of the brothers who was keeping an eye on things outside said he saw the tornado heading right for the Hall, and just as he was getting ready to duck inside to warn everyone, the tornado suddenly veered north of the Hall and passed it by. (When they inspected it the next day they found only slight damage to the Hall and the outbuilding.)

*ok, now I know we can't expect divine protection during natural disasters, but I sure know I'd rather be at the Kingdom Hall with the rest of the congregation then at home if a disaster ever hits! =) The same thing saved the brothers & sisters during the big tsunami a few years ago because they had all been at the meeting that Sunday when it hit the beach.
And especially if we have another bizarro lightning storm like we did during last year's Monsoon season, where the sky was lit up for over an hour straight, with just one strike after another. I turned on the weather channel to see what was going on because it was so crazy...I've never seen anything like it as long as I've lived here, and the lightning strike counter couldn't even keep up with it because there were so many. I was so scared that night.