Monday, June 22, 2009

More Video's - Australia Convention

this video is from 2005 and mentions this was the largest convention ever held in Australia, over 60,000 people. But you've gotta watch the whole thing, because at the end it shows a clip of Br. Rutherford, and also the other 'early' families who pioneered the ministry work there during the Depression. In fact, they might be the same families I read about in an old Yearbook experience who were trying to travel to a convention with a caravan of cars back in the 30's or 4o's (I can't remember the year off-hand) but right before they had to cross this huge desert area where no fuel fill-up stations would be around for miles, the authorites actually refused to allow them to refuel their cars. So they came up with this pretty clever method of using coal to fuel the main car which pulled all the took them forever to get to the convention, but they made it!

Australia Convention