Tuesday, June 30, 2009

forewarned is forearmed...

Here's an audio clip (uploaded just a few days ago) from one of the Keep On the Watch Conventions held in England. Its the last talk on Sunday's program in case anyone hasn't had their's yet.

By the way, when was the last time they made a formal announcement/declaration like that at a recent convention? I can't remember, but I know they haven't done it too often in recent years. They usually only make formal declarations like that during significant convention programs over the years. Well I guess this is obviously significant, especially when you stop and consider that there's been more organizational changes within just the past 3 years than throughout our whole history. And now with the recent announcement made just a few weeks ago about how Bethel is no longer going to be operating or doing tours on Saturday so that more time can be devoted to the preaching work...it really seems like the "All aboard!" This train is getting ready to leave the station! "final call" is going out. Kinda like when they "upped" the number of marches around the city of Jericho on the last day just prior to when the wall fell. (Joshua 6:3-5, 15, 16)
Actually I was discussing this subject with a friend (and I'm gonna steal the illustration used because I think its pretty accurate) -when it comes to all the reminders we are getting about staying close to the congregation and making sure we are reading the Bible everyday, and staying active in the ministry, etc. Remember how in the movie, Karate Kid, when he had to keep practicing the "wax on, wax off" move over and over? And he was getting really irritated and sick of it because he didn't understand the significance of why he had to keep practicing it so much? Yet, perfecting that move was the very thing he needed in the end when it came time for the match...and thats when it all clicked into place and he finally understood. Well its the same thing with us. All the information and practical instruction we are getting now, is going to be the very things which will help us get through the tough times ahead, and to make sure we're in 'the right place at the right time.' -But if we slack off now, by falling asleep spiritually, we won't be ready and prepared when the time arrives -and then it will be too late.

Its just like when Jerusalem was captured in 70 C.E. the only ones who escaped were the Christians who had been 'keeping on the watch' by staying alert to the signs Jesus had warned them about prior to his death. Anyone who didn't leave the city during that small 'window of opportunity' in 66 C.E. when the Roman armies unexpectedly retreated, found themselves trapped inside when they returned. Even those who had changed their mind and wanted to leave weren't able to because it was too late. The 'Insight' book mentioned how even when the Romans under General Titus gave people the opportunity to surrender, the different religious groups within the city were fighting one another and wouldn't allow anyone to leave. The Jewish people themselves were turning on each other. And the creepiest thing of all (which I've been noticing lately and is a major 'deja vu' indication like none-other)... do you know what triggered the Jewish revolt and what kept them so preoccupied that they didn't escape the city when they should have? They were fighting the high taxes imposed on them by the government. Gulp.