Tuesday, June 16, 2009

daily text 06/16

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
"Not that, please, Jehovah!" (Genesis 19:18)

At times, parents may want to bring their children into the discussion when formulating house rules. If youths are able to share in discussions about those rules, they may be more inclined to obey them. For instance, in case parents decide to impose a curfew, they could choose a specific hour that the children are required to be at home. If the children suggest a different time, the parents may decide that it might be possible to accommodate their children’s wishes when Bible principles are not jeopardized. Does this mean that the parents are abdicating, or giving up, their authority? Consider the way in which Jehovah lovingly exercised his authority when dealing with Lot and his family. (Genesis 19:17-22) He considered Lot’s request to flee to a nearby city and chose to extend extra kindness to him in this matter. If you are a parent, are there times when you can consider your children’s concerns when establishing family rules?
(Watchtower issue: 09/01/07, 1:10, 11)

*this scripture always cracked me up that Lot would say this at a time when he's running for his life, knowing that the whole city of Sodom is about to be destroyed. "No Jehovah, don't make me escape to the mountains!...anything but that!" lol. Actually, its not hard to imagine, since anytime people get 'too cozy' in their environment, it can be extremely difficult for them to leave. Remember how on the news during the hurricane evacuations, there were some people that put their lives in danger by refusing to evacuate because they didn't want to leave their house or their stuff behind? From that perspective, its not too hard to see why Lot "kept lingering" in the city even after he was told to leave, or why he would make the request to go to the city of Zoar instead, (since that sounds alot more comfortable than living in a cave in the mountains!) But it helps us to appreciate that even though Lot was being rather immature in this scenario, Jehovah was flexible and took his personal request into consideration anyway, just like he takes into account our individual needs & personal circumstances when it comes to what he expects of us or what we can handle.