Saturday, June 13, 2009

daily text 06/13

Saturday, June 13th, 2009
"There are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell." (2 Peter 3:13)

The "new heavens," God's heavenly government in the hands of Christ, has been set in place already. Those who will form the nucleus of the "new earth," a new society of rightly disposed people, are being gathered during these last days. They are already nearly seven million strong, in at least 235 lands and in some 100,000 congregations. These millions have been learning the righteous and just ways of Jehovah, and as a result, worldwide they enjoy a unity that is cemented by Christian love. Their unity is the most pronounced and enduring in the history of the world, a unity exceeding anything experienced by Satan's subjects. Such love and unity are foregleams of the marvelous time to come in God's new world, which will be governed in righteousness and justice. -Isaiah 2:2-4; John 13:34, 35; Colossians 3:14.
(Watchtower issue: 08/15/07, 1:15, 16)

*Its pretty awesome if you stop and consider how not only are all of us around the world studying the same information at our congregation meetings every week, but we are also reading the same 'daily text' together everyday - despite our different locations, timezones, and nationalities. It feels really nice to know that we are all on 'the same page' no matter how far away we live from one another. In fact, the experience I'm gonna post today about the disaster relief committee volunteers here in the US, (during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina) have the same daily 'morning worship' routine, that all the brothers & sisters have at the various Bethel branches and missionary homes around the globe. Isn't that cool? I didn't realize that before.