Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yearbook Experience - The Herkendells

The Herkendells - story & photo on pgs 71, 74, & 75
of the 2008 Yearbook

In light of today's text, I wanted to backtrack from the other experiences and just throw in a little story about one German pioneer couple who helped to spearhead the ministry work in Russia. -I don't know of many people who'd spend their honeymoon on a preaching tour!
Talk about dedication! =)

"In 1911 the work received a boost in an unusual way - from a honeymoon trip. After getting married, the Herkendells, a young couple from Germany, made a preaching trip to Russia to help German-speaking people. To the Herkendells' delight, they found isolated groups of Kingdom publishers and aided them spiritually. Earlier, a reader in Russia wrote: "The literature from Germany is as valuable to me as the heavenly manna to the children of Israel . . . How sorry we are that the literature is not in Russian! I use every opportunity to translate various items into Russian." Translation had thus begun; much more was to follow."

An additional point that was brought out in the Proclaimers book about this couple (which I think is pretty cool), was that instead of requesting the 'customary bridal dowry' money for herself & her husband to use towards their wedding or new household items & furniture etc, the soon-to-be Mrs Herkendell requested of her father that the money be used to fund this unique honeymoon trip which actually extended many months and was fairly strenuous. What a lady. =)