Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pyotr Krivokulsky - part 2

Pyotr and his wife Regina in 1997

2008 Yearbook experience continued -pgs 89 -91
"Regina Krivokulskaya states: "It seemed to me that the entire country was surrounded by barbed wire, and we were prisoners, even though we were not in prison. Our husbands, who were zealously serving God, were spending most of their lives in prisons and camps. We women had to endure much: Every one of us was experiencing sleepless nights, surveillance and psychological pressure from the Soviet State Security Committee (KGB), loss of employment, and other trials. The authorities tried various means to make us deviate from the way of the truth. (Isaiah 30:21) We had no doubt that Satan was using the situation to try to stop the Kingdom-preaching work. But Jehovah did not abandon his people-his help was clearly evident.
Bible literature, smuggled into the country with great difficulty, gave us 'power beyond what is normal' and wisdom to deal with the situation. (2 Corinthians 4:7) Jehovah led his people, and even while under powerful opposition from the State, new ones continued to join themselves to his organization. It was amazing that from the beginning, they were ready to endure hardships right along with Jehovah's people. Only Jehovah's spirit could have accomplished this."

Letters Thrown Over The Fence...

"In 1944, Pyotr, Regina's future husband, was imprisoned in a camp in Gorki Oblast for maintaining his Christian neutrality. This in no way checked his zeal for preaching. Pyotr wrote letters, each one containing a brief explanation of a Bible teaching. He then put each letter into an envelope, secured it with string to a stone, and threw it over the high barbed-wire fence. Pyotr hoped that someone would read the letters, and one day someone did -a girl named Lidia Bulatova. Pyotr saw her and quietly called her over. He asked her if she would like to learn more about the Bible. Lidia liked the idea, and they arranged to meet again. After that, she regularly came to pick up more of those precious letters.
Lidia became a zealous sister and preacher of the good news and soon began to conduct Bible studies with Maria Smirnova and Olga Sevryugina. They too began to serve Jehovah. To support these sisters spiritually, the brothers began to supply this small group with spiritual food right from the camp. For this, Pyotr constructed a small suitcase with a double bottom, which he could stuff with magazines. He arranged for the suitcase to be taken in and out of the camp by non-Witnesses who were not prisoners. They took it to the address of one of the sisters. Soon the sisters organized the preaching work in their area."

(the photo above is of Olga Sevryugina with Pyotr's "rock letters" on pg 95)