Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its Convention Time!

Yay! I'm getting stoked for the upcoming District Convention next weekend. Especially since the circuit overseer is visiting our congregation this week, and Br. Tomiasu (who's gonna be chairman of this years convention in Tucson again) got me all excited about the material thats gonna be presented. I think he said that the Sunday morning session is gonna be about specific prophetic accounts and their modern-day fulfillment. And everyone knows how Bible prophecy is one of my favorite topics! =)

So my posts the next few days are gonna be more focused on convention-related experiences featured in the 2008 Yearbook, and the growth and expansion which has occured in Russia in recent years. Some are really funny too. =) I'm gonna post one a little later today about an interesting run-in with the local authorities that happened during a 2003 sign language convention. It utterly amazes me that the government & public officials there will stoop so low to harass and pick on our deaf brothers & sisters. Have they no shame? No moral conscience at all ? that they even violate the human rights of disabled members of society?
But Jehovah always ends up turning things around in their favor despite the hardships, persecution, or unexpected circumstances that arise against his people. I love it!

By-the-way, in case anyone didn't know that the JW-media section of the website has the full list of convention city locations & dates, here ya go...
(it gives a partial list of cites but if you click on one, it will bring you to the page with the full list)