Sunday, April 26, 2009

daily text 04/26

Sunday, April 26th
"We have heard for ourselves." - (John 4:42)

On one occasion, Jesus witnessed to a Samaritan woman near Jacob's fountain at Sychar. During that discussion, Jesus did not do all the talking; he listened to what she had to say. While listening to her, Jesus noted her interest in worship and told her that God was looking for those who would worship Him with spirit and truth. Jesus showed respect and concern for this woman, whereupon she told others about him, and "many of the Samaritans out of that city put faith in him on account of the word of the woman." (John 4:5-29, 39-41) When starting a conversation with a householder in your ministry today, you might say, "I am visiting you because I am interested in your opinion regarding [a certain topic]." Listen to the person's viewpoint, and comment on it, or ask a question about it. Then kindly show what the Bible says on the subject.
(Watchtower issue: 11/15/07, 2:7, 8)